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Stop The Bleed

This course is designed to introduce the basic of first aid to the responsible citizen. Students will learn how to stop the bleed, apply a pressure bandage, use a tourniquet, and basic wind packing skills. Students will also be familiarized with IFAKs, Go Bags, and Items needed to treat and address trauma. This is an excellent course for those looking to familiarize themselves with basic tactical first aid both on and off the range. 

upcoming course dates:

july 10, july 24, august 7, august 21

Screen Shot 2022-06-27 at 4.42.22 PM.png

concealed weapons permit safety course

This course will focus on stance, grip, sight Alignment and sight picture. Students will learn the parts of the gun and how they function.  Upon completion of the course each student will be given a certificate of completion that meets the requirements of the Division of Licensing for a concealed carry permit, in most states.

upcoming course dates:

july 9, july 23, august 6, august 20

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