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Stop The Bleed

The number one cause contributing to preventable death from an injury is bleeding. This course is designed to teach the student basic life saving skills designed around stopping the bleed. All students attending will receive a tourniquet.


Mindset & Situational Awareness

This course focuses on understanding your environment and surroundings.  In today’s every changing, fast paced world it is unthinkable for one to predict actions or outcomes we are potentially faced with in our daily lives. Learn the necessary skills to mediate and assess the the space around you and your family.


Understanding “The Why” in Firearms Ownership and Carry.

This course is designed for those looking to obtain or have already secured a firearm for protection in the home or everyday carry.  During this course we will break down the laws that govern firearms ownership in and out of the home. We also introduce our students to scenario based training utilizing technology allowing a for a safe, controlled, and informative environment. 

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